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We are amongst the best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre and De-Addiction Centre not only in Mumbai but also in India. We have successfully treated thousands of addicts and alcoholics.

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    Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

    Who We Are? (About US)

    A decade ago, there were many problems, as there was a tremendous rise in the addiction cases day by day, and people were turning their simple and sober life into a vicious one, as it’s very difficult to get out from the vicious circle of addiction. Keeping this in mind I Care Foundation was established a decade ago. This Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai was established for providing the best possible infrastructure required by the rehab centres in the contemporary competitive world. The I Care Foundation is one of the most genuine Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, as it uses the 12-step procedure for the treatment of the entitled addiction, which is medically approved by the WHO i.e., World Health Organization.

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    What We Do?

    Liquor Addiction

    The I Care Foundation i.e., Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, was established for the treatment of the end numbers of the addiction problems, as well as the people who are severely addicted to many of the harmful substances that are faced by the society in this theological country India. This regarded as a serious matter of concern. So, we started our functioning and operation journey of treatment of the addicts in helping them overcome their addiction. We look forward to searching for more and more natural as well as effective methods that can be efficiently used in the treatment of addiction.

    We try to focus on those therapies and methods that positively recover the body of an individual human being. We want to become the best Alcohol and Drug De-Addiction Centre in Mumbai as well as Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India, and not with the chemical ways of treatment, but rather with the most natural and efficient ways of treatment. Furthermore, we first try to understand the problem of the entitled patient, then also find out the best treatment method that will surely suit him or her without any possible side effects, then we slowly observe, monitor, control, and operate the treatment environment of the entitled addict, till he or she gets perfectly fine, and then apparently, we discharge them.

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    Why Us?

    Alcohol Addiction

    We i.e., I Care Foundation – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai has a decade’s experience in the treatment of people who are severely addicted to harmful substances and have encountered many serious cases. We try to provide the best possible facilities that are equipped with modern technology and have proved themselves as vitally important for the treatment related to addiction issues and problems. Furthermore, we have the most experienced, highly knowledgeable, dynamically talented, professionally dedicated, and supremely motivated team of medical faculty. They put in their 100 percent efforts in helping the particular addicts in overcoming their addiction problem.

    Our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is one of the world-class institutions, which provide both effective treatment and efficient comfort, which heals the patients, without any of the severe problems, pains, or even side effects. I Care Foundation (De-Addiction Centre in Mumbai) has always focused on working in the field of addiction treatment using natural methods, that are mostly side effect free, and are more effective as well as efficient as compared to the other designated methods of treatment. We use the 12-step theory and procedure in the treatment, as it is medically certified by the World Health Organization, abbreviated as WHO, because it is one of the holistic methods as well as an approach towards the treatment of addiction. We are the best and most technologically advanced Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.

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    What is Addiction?

    Drinking Habbit

    Addiction, Abuse, Use Disorder, or even its severe problems relating to the harmful substances, are a serious matter of interest to be debatable in the society, family, or even among individuals across this mapped sphere. The question that ponders over our mind after hearing the word addiction is that what is really an addiction?
    Well, the answer to this can be obtained by looking towards its definition. Addiction is classified as the Biopsychosocial disorder of the mind which is caused due to the intake as well as the induction of harmful chemicals as well as substances as compared to the prescribed or suggested quantities. In simple words, addiction is a psychological as well as physical inability to stop the induction of chemicals as well as various other harmful substances. Addiction is the period of time when the individual addicted to a particular substance is completely dependent on the same subject matter.

    The above-mentioned problem of addiction can be treated and overcame by visiting the most effective as well as trusted Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai i.e., I Care Foundation, they try to put their 100 percent effort, into the designated treatment for the entitled addicts. This is the reason behind the I Care Foundation being known as a highly successful Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and Thane.

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    What are the Effects and Symptoms of Addiction?

    There are many severe problems, issues, effects, signs, and symptoms of addiction, abuse, and even use disorder of the harmful substances and chemicals, the effects are briefly explained for your better understanding, the symptoms are as follows:

    These are the most common symptoms of addiction, but there are many more of them which affects the human body adversely.

    The people or the individuals who are entitled to the as the addicts to some of the harmful chemicals might find it difficult in stopping the usage or the induction of the same in the individual’s body, as the substance forces them to continue inducing it and can lead to the death of that particular individual.

    If a person has developed or welcomed a related disease to addiction and the inability to stop, then even after the disease they couldn’t stop them from intaking that substance as they feel highly inappropriate as well as incomplete without using it.

    An individual might take a huge number of risks by taking a large dose or the quantity of the harmful chemical substance. This might cost them their lives, the induction of a large number of doses is a painful signal towards the above-discussed matter of interest. If this the problem then the entitled person should visit Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.

    The individuals addicted to the substances tend to make many social sacrifices, like enjoying the time with their friends and families. They may ignore the positive vibes of many of the festivals, they might not be sociable and like being left alone and do not like the company of others.

    The people who are addicted to the harmful chemicals as well as substances, might leave doing or performing the habits, hobbies, and even the activities they might love doing before they fell into the catastrophic clutches of the addiction, this might affect they mentally as well as physically.

    The addicts might not be so outgoing, sociable, rather then they are socially withdrawn, behave secretively, and might not like being in the company of others. They like to keep the activities and information about their matters of interest as well as lifestyle secretive in nature, if not done so they might get aggressive and start violence.

    The people affected due to the addiction are possessive about their life, habits, and subject matters. They will always deny that they have any kind of problem, as they think they are perfectly fine and nothing has happened to them.

    If the person addicted to harmful substances as well as chemicals, and does not do anything productive or any of the economic activity, then he or she will be in the problem as they do not earn and spend endlessly for addiction, then they will face tough times as financial difficulties.

    There are indefinite appetite changes see in a person who is related to the addiction to harmful chemicals, and substances. People might start eating in large amounts or even can be reduced to low amounts, which can also affect the health adversely.

    The people suffering from Addiction face some of the very common problems like sleeplessness, they like being and never wanted to sleep, and never even feel restless. This problem is encountered in the Rehabilitation Centre in India.

    People suffering from addiction to harmful substances and chemicals are known as a lot of change in their appearance can be witnessed due to many of the problems.

    What are the Treatment Methods Employed?

    I Care Foundation i.e., the best and most trusted Rehabilitation Centre in  Mumbai and De-Addiction Centre in Mumbai, uses the below-stated methods that are most common, but have proved themselves as most effective as well as efficient, the methods of treatment are as follows: –

    • Stop Inducing: – First and foremost method that is employed in the treatment is that the person should himself or herself stop inducing or intaking the harmful substances or the chemicals, as by doing that you ensure it to yourself that you really want to come out of this problem. This is known as the self-Introspection technique, which involves identifying our own problem and then trying to get over it. This is widely advised at the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres in Mumbai.
    • Detoxification from addiction: – After identifying our own problem then focus on the detox program and follow the schedule as per the instructions, prescription, suggestion, or the advice by the medical faculty or the entitled doctor to you. This will surely help you to overcome the problems and issues that you or the entitled addicted person is facing as the program is designed in such a way that will force you not to drink anymore.
    • Counseling Sessions: – I Care Foundation – Alcohl and Drug Reha Centre in Mumbai assigns you with a therapist or a counselor, who will help you by conducting various therapies and sessions that may be physical as well as mental that will keep your mind off the chronic habit of drinking, and slowly you will overcome your catastrophic addiction problem. These sessions are on one on one basis, in which the person entitled to you conducts various activities that will help them to easily solve your problem.
    • Rehabilitation Programs: – I Care foundation – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Mumbai conducts various types of Rehabilitation programs in India that ensure the benefit of the controlled and monitored environment goes to the patients and help them in overcoming their problems.
    • Medications: – This should be the last option and mostly be used in severe cases only, as heavy medications cause too many side effects.

    These are some of the basic but most effective as well as efficient methods of the treatment employed at the I Care Foundation – The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre and De-Addition Centre for gambling in Mumbai and Pune, India.

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