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Ambiverts and Alcohol – A Classical Subject Matter that is debateable over the discussions

Ambiverts and Alcohol – A Classical Subject Matter that is debateable over the discussions

Alcohol is one of those substances which can be the main gateway to the addiction of lot other substances o the drugs, the addiction also depends on the kind of characteristics are held by the person, which might make them prone or weak towards alcohol or even as strong as you can think in front of the addiction. It’s a fact that introverts are more prone to alcohol addiction, as compared to extroverts. Then if any of them gets addicted to alcohol, then they are advised to visit Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, for their proper medical treatment. The question that arises is that what about the Ambiverts, as they are neither introverts nor they are categorized as extroverts? Well, to understand that we all should first see that what does the term Ambivert actually means, what are their personality traits or their characteristics?

Ambiverts are the people who know how to adjust themselves to be an extrovert, or an introvert, they know that how to balance between extroversion as well as introversion. They are also allotted as the keeper of some of the qualities of Extroverts as well as Introverts, mainly positive in the sense of traits. Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and Drug rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai has slightly different treatment for people with different characteristics. The characteristics of an ambivert are as follows: –

  • They are flexible in the way of doing the tasks, like in a group or individually, they do not give any of the preferential treatment to any one of them both, like equally weighted.
  • Being Sociable is not a problem for them like meeting people, but this can be proved as a lot exhausting for them. They cannot be around a lot of people for a long time.
  • They like being the main entity like the center of attraction, but if it is done for a long period of time, then they start getting bored from it.
  • There are many different opinions about them, as some of their known ones think they are too shy, whereas others think that they are so sociable and outgoing.
  • They are much prone to get lost in their own thoughts, same like as they readily dive in much long conversation, they might feel interesting to talk about.
  • A short chit-chat with the friends doesn’t make them uncomfortable, or like just moving away, but it starts to get too long, they feel like leaving or get bored from hearing it.
  • They do not trust some people easily and if it’s someone they like or their wavelength match, they just dive in, for trusting them that at their own personal core.
  • It’s both way situation for them as if they spend too much time alone they easily get bored, and if they get too much time around many people, whom they know, then they feel the same way.

So, the above listed were the qualities of an ambivert, as we have seen they are balanced creatures between an introvert and an extrovert. So, alcohol addiction depends on that whichever quality has a higher weightage. If the introvert qualities are more than they are prone to alcohol addiction as compared to if the extrovert qualities are more. If anyone is addicted to alcohol, then, they should visit Addiction Treatment Centre in Mumbai, for getting their treatment done.

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