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How does addiction begin? Understand the cycle of addiction

How does addiction begin? Understand the cycle of addiction

Addiction begins with a cause. People switch to addiction to reduce their stress levels or beat their mental illness. There is an imbalanced state of mind because of which people are more prone to addiction. There are many reasons for addiction. It can be as minor as peer pressure or as major as a depressive disorder. Once you understand the cause of addiction, you can treat it by eliminating it right away. It is very easy to say “Treat the cause” but it is the most difficult thing. Nevertheless, you can understand that you are on the right path once you decide to eliminate the cause. If you treat the cause, the symptoms of addiction such as uncontrolled cravings and restlessness will go away eventually

Understand the science behind the cycle of addiction. 

It is all in the brain. Once you understand how the brain circuit works, it can be a game-changer where you can quit an addiction. Your brain controls your body functions. It also controls your emotions and mood. Once there is an imbalance in the brain, it can create havoc making it difficult to control emotions and mood. Alcohol, smoking, or drugs can affect your mental system. These drugs may alter your mood and emotions making it difficult to deal with them. Psychoactive drugs can affect your mood. When you are under the influence of drugs, you may feel “euphoric” or happy initially but in the long term, they may work as depressants for your central Nervous System. Chronic use of some drugs can cause long-term and short-term changes in your brain leading to mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

Break the cycle of addiction. 

Putting a stop to addiction is very important. But it’s worth noting that putting a stop abruptly can cause more health problems. Gradually taper down the drug dosage slowly and steadily. This will help you in your mental well-being. Breaking the addiction cycle is important for a healthy future and healthy lifestyle. Drugs are chemicals that affect the brain and mind. Different drugs have different effects. Not to forget some drug addicts inject drugs or may inhale them or ingest them. The mode of drug delivery also differs. Drugs directly entering the bloodstream may have an immediate impact on the brain while ingestion has delayed effects. They cause a large amount of dopamine to flood making you happy and motivated giving a pleasurable effect to the brain. Till you are under the influence of drugs, you are in your comfort zone. Once the effect of drugs is withdrawn, you develop what is popularly called “withdrawal symptoms”. Here is the need to break the cycle of addiction.

Why is it important to break the cycle of addiction?

Today, 7 billion people suffer from drug disorders. Many deaths are occurring due to suicidal tendencies among drug addicts. People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction are at higher risk of intentional injuries, domestic violence, suicide, and accidents. Addiction is not only difficult for the addict but also for their family members. It can cause many emotional, physical, and social problems. The cycle of addiction starts with triggering events which may be due to past or recent trauma with feelings of pain and guilt while leading to more deterioration. Struggling and battling with addiction can be a difficult process for any individual.

These are stages of drug addiction

1 st stage Initial use

2 nd stage Abuse of drugs

3 rd stage Tolerance

4 th stage Dependence

5 th stage Addiction

6 th stage Relapse

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