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Addiction and Mental Health

In this article, I will attempt to briefly describe the relationship between addiction and mental health. There are several reasons why this is an important topic to discuss.

First of all, it is important to realize that addiction and mental health are not mutually exclusive. This means that people can have one without the other. For example, many people with severe depression or anxiety disorders are also addicted. They may not be aware that they are addicted until they start taking medications for their depression or anxiety. When they do take these medications, they often develop an addiction to them. These individuals are not necessarily mentally ill. They just have an addiction to something that makes them feel better.

There are also people who are mentally ill and are addicted. The reason they are addicted is because of how their illness affects them. For example, someone who has bipolar disorder and is depressed may not be able to function properly when they are manic. Their manic symptoms may be so extreme that they cannot function normally. As a result, they may use drugs or alcohol in order to self medicate.

Another example is someone who has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). They may have rituals that they perform over and over again. In order to stop having these rituals, they may try to get high or use drugs in order to stop thinking about them.

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Finally, there are people who are addicted to things that make them feel good but are not mentally ill. This could be anything from eating chocolate to smoking cigarettes. It doesn’t matter what the substance is. What matters is that they enjoy the feeling that it gives them.

As you can see, addiction and mental health are not always separate. There are many people who are addicted and have no mental health problems. On the other hand, there are people who are mentally ill and have no addiction problems.

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